Sunday, June 28, 2015

in too deep

you are drinking and smoking me
and i am feeling your energy
your breath surrounds my body
with the taste of my sexy

in too deep we're on a roll
and youre set on automatic 
im losing my fuckin control 
GPS cruising destination orgasmic

your eyes beg let me
have your aching desire
i need you to take it
come quench this damn fire

your hot breath in my ear you wanna do me
 im choking back the fear 
wet between the knees

in too deep we're goin to implode
youre touchin brown skin parts
my resistance will-gonna fold
ooh no..please stop_ it starts

youre going hard on the foreplay
turning my orchid drizzle to rain
my body cant take more delay
got me thirsting..sexually insane 

Summer 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Love's Addiction

cause you see a doll, in lace and silk
and i need the boy, who yearns for the milk

Take me once_ hell take me twice
what you find will never suffice

i know i have a man, but i want to own the boy

you aint rich and I aint poor, if you got a bed _ i got a door
You call me a doll, the size of a toy

My walk is deliberate, and i walk a high wire
but i know you ache, and i know how to spark that fire

How can you pretend you dont desire me?
When i'm around you Your dreams are free

I'm the drug you cant stop using _
the lover you keep refusing

Tell me you dont love me_ Tell me you dont want me_

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

Dream Pieces

Be brave.. im talking to myself again and again! step out on love's bridge
look out over His passion's ridge
Your words to my soul are so kind, i want but still afraid what i will find
before our lips meet for the first time let me first enjoy the company of Your mind.

_and love is 

black toxic smoke..clouding love's air.. i cant BREATHE
 ~dives off the dream cliff~ falling softly in my head
 so you are awake? or dreaming and you saw me falling and caught me?
then you caught me before i shattered in a million pieces_ the pieces of my dream now in your hands
you must put me together like a puzzle to own the own me

a submissive's vibrations

im vibrating on Your frequency_ no doubt_ I still need to know what you're about. 

You live for control _ u bleed high octane
this one You want to now claim
trust respect passion_ is in my design
demisexual_ i need a connection to Your mind

Take me hostage if You will
remember its my own choosing
but no shyt and confusion

The bondage is not the contract
Wwe know its the power over me
My gift too is power_ You see

Summer 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#Kabuki Love

#Kabuki Love 

You say You want to breed_
You want to put Your seed_
in me
You want to get me face down_
just dont want another Mr._
 Fake it

my brown skin spoiled for Your_
my heart beats a rhythm to Your_
my essence is in synch with Your_
my love gps is linked to Your_

You can read my body's _
You produce the scenes in my_
You command my loyalty and _
You wish i'd move to Your_

the only gift You want is to_
i am the award You want to_
my belly burns for Your blue_
my skin tied in Your knotted _

Winter ' 15

Naked Blues Surrender

Naked Blues Surrender

Anxiety of love's coming surrender
thoughts of past relationship blues
where pain and bruises were rendered
emotional roller coaster of pursuits
dark alley lies of pure devotion
tortured links become chains for a fool
on knees of obedience and meditation
riding tsunami waves of dark intonation
i closed the revolving door of need
hiding desperation's face behind a mask
shielding my body in your evil deeds
and the unfilled promises do ask
naked brown ornamented rope design
your finger prints now a ruby necklace
my skin delivered and now again mine
owned random futile thoughts in place
memories, sweet ballads of release
sonnets of naked blues in sad refrain
the body has found a temple of peace
the mind and soul a requiem of pain

Winter '15

Monday, July 28, 2014

Play Date

a play date for Uus
Your serious eyes
i know You just 
want this prize
trying to find a way
to make me play?
suckin on my neck
while i try to deflect
rubbin on my belly
tryin to get me ready
hot lips on my shoulder
making me bolder
damn..Your hands on my collar
hot breath on my ear
i need to holler
You Ssh... nothing to fear
using all Your senses
those commands You speak
to break my defenses
oh shit!
im so damn weak
and..delicious thoughts
im having about You
about rope, around me
one, two maybe three?
lets do a scene
You can tie me high
beautiful knots down low
squeezing my pie
i think You know
Wwe have a code
You know the rule
i bring the fire
You own the fuel
Your voice makes me melt
and whats that scent?
is that your finger i just felt?
please...WTF? i just heard
my pussy what? 
take me...
damn the safe word!
ive loss all control
i should explain 
a play date with You 
is delicious pain