Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Desire Burning

I have a burning desire deep inside me
to feel your skin contact mine
your loving arms surrounding my body

Why wont you hold me?

I have a burning desire deep inside me
to kiss your lips, to have your tongue push
through my smile.

Why wont you kiss me?

I have a burning desire deep inside me
to have you tickle my knees, to have your hands
caress my breasts.

Why wont you feel me?

I have a burning desire deep inside me 
to feel your tongue deep between my thighs.
Discovering what makes me go Oooh.

Why wont you taste me?

I have a burning desire deep inside me 
to make love to you, to have our body language

Why wont you take me?

I have a burning desire deep inside me,
to make your soul tingle with passion and 
deep love.

You are my lover

Why wont you satisfy me?




  1. This is so...rousing. Hahaha.

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  2. Truly unique and especially deep & creative. Takes me u to the days when I would write like this! Definitely looking forward to reading more from you ma. You may have inspired me to get back into my groove w/a pen & some paper, LOL!

  3. (Let me hold you...
    In dear life
    As if the storm raged
    And you were the life line)

    Lovely we, impulsively…
    A furious little rush now
    It takes us just moments to bare
    Tongues tango in lurid embraces
    Hoping to never let go

    (Let me kiss you...
    Molding my lips to yours
    Sculpting an indivisible place
    Never separating again)

    Giving each other wrath
    Coveting the inches of either body
    As if the newest fashion
    Decorating the scene with cast off coverings

    (Let me feel you...
    Because there is nothing else
    But these two bodies
    Now becoming just the one skin)

    The entering of repetitions
    Perfect friction to ignite the dark
    Because in the infinite blink we are the light
    But in the end…
    Just a flicker to the flame

    (To taste, to take
    Stealing your rhythms and your flavors
    Evermore I am your love
    Let me satisfy you...)

    1. thank you so much for sharing / baring your soul's words with me.. i loved it!

  4. I Love How You Said That..It's Like You Been Reading My Mind..You Got Skills Woman..I LOVE IT